Welcome to my website!

My name is Valérie Geradon and I am a foreign language consultant. My job is to help you succeed, whether at school, university, within your company, internationally and... ultimately, in life. How do I proceed? I start with your needs, that I carefully analyse, then I offer you tailor-made services to meet them. My aim is for us to achieve the desired result together, and to do so without any undue effort.

My background, in a nutshell...

I completed a bachelor's degree in international trade from the Higher Education Institution of the Province of Liège in 2014. Two years later, I decided to perfect my language skills and I registered at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of the University of Mons. I obtained a bachelor's degree in translation and interpretation in 2019, then a master's degree in translation (research focus) in 2021. I finished my studies with a six-week internship in the French language department of the European Commission (DGT.D.FR.1).


Sworn Translation

I am registered with the FPS Justice and I can therefore also translate your official documents into French.


I proofread your texts, which have been previously  translated by  MT software.


I can also proofread your documents and the French version of your website.


I transcribe your audio and video files into text format.

Content Writing

I write the content of your articles, meeting minutes, PowerPoint presentations, letters, etc.


I adapt your writing to your target audience, taking into account a variety of factors such as currencies, units of measurement, regulations, etc.


I adapt all your writing to the culture of your target market, even if this means moving away from the original text and no longer translating it literally.


Theorical English and Spanish Courses

I teach English and Spanish from A1 to C1 level. I also prepare you to take language tests such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and DELE.

Business English and Spanish Courses

I teach English and Spanish to those who frequently interact with foreign customers/collaborators. The courses consist of two parts: one on grammar, and one on different subjects covered during my bachelor's degree in foreign trade.

Intercultural Communication Courses

Besides giving English and Spanish language courses, I will also inform you about lifestyle habits in English and Spanish-speaking countries.

Cross Cultural Marketing Courses

I give valuable advice to those wishing to export products abroad. Moreover, I also share my knowledge of business practices in  English- and Spanish-speaking countries

Practical English and Spanish courses

I organise discussion groups in English and Spanish. Those conversations or "lessons", over a cup of tea or some tapas, tackle subjects of all kinds.